Shrinkwrap Process

Shrink wrapping is so easy that with a few hours of our professional training service and a little bit of practice, anyone can become an expert.

We will come onsite to your facility and give instructional training. We will teach your crew how to be safe while wrapping. We will instruct and demonstrate the correct procedures of wrapping. We will give "hands on" training allowing your in-house crew to wrap a product. Thus you can rest assured that your crew is following correct safety guidelines and have the competence and skills necessary to handle all of your wrapping needs.

Padding Phase:

First we start by covering any sharp or protruding objects with protective wrap. The "padding phase" is actually one of the most important steps. We are careful to make sure that anything that can poke through is covered thoroughly. We are also careful to make sure that any stress points or areas that might rub on the item being wrapped are carefully padded. Without padding the item correctly, it could lead to an object poking through and thus damaging the shrinkwrap.

Layering Phase:

LayeringNext we lay the VpCI and shrinkfilm under the package. By doing so it allows us to give the item being wrapped a complete 6 sided enclosure. Here we have already sized and shrink wrapped the VpCI sealing it tight. By using the VpCI as our first coat of wrap, we are insuring the package will not rust or corrode, due to the physical properties of VpCI. Then we cut and size the outer coat of shrinkfilm and drape it over the package and seal it tight. Thus we have covered the package with 2 coats of shrinkfilm ensuring that our package is seemed and sealed tight.

Final Phase:

The final phase is extremely important. Here is your last chance to scan your finishedFinal phase product one last time. Double check all your stress points, coverage of material, padding and seams. Use your shrinkwrap tape where necessary. Your item is now sealed tight and ready for shipment. You can rest assured that your product will arrive at its final destination in the same condition as it left your facility.