About Us

I went to a meeting in Michigan and saw a brochure showing the shrink wrap system. I was very impressed with its capabilities and especially how it could be used to protect freight.

On my flight home I made my very first sale. I was talking to the fellow in the seat next to me about shrink wrap systems and all the capabilities it had and could be used for. I believe he ended up purchasing a shrink wrap system.

I started DA Shrinkwrap Systems in May of 1997. I sold two ATV's for $4,500.00 and bought  my first heat gun, shrink film, and tape. I went to Joplin, MO. and helped demo the shrink wrap system to the Able Body Company. I helped them shrink wrap a sleeper box twice and then later that day headed back home.

So then I headed out to see how well I could do as a shrink wrap salesman! It went well and I sold several systems in the first couple of months. (It practically sells itself) I was selling freight and shrink wrap systems all at the same time. I wrapped several different items and basically taught myself the end's and out's of shrink wrapping.

The name "DA Shrinkwrap" came from 4 different people with the same initials. My Dad's name was Donald Allen, my uncle's name was Donald Allen and my daughters first name is D'Ann. Oh yes, my name is Duane Allen. So with all the DA's around in the family I felt that using those initials would be very appropriate.

DA Shrinkwrap Systems was my side business until I sold the trucking agency in March 2007. At that time I felt it was time to expand DA Shrinkwrap which required my full attention and commitment. I'm presently working with commission people in several locations in the Western United States representing DA Shrinkwrap Systems. We currently have over 120 active shrinkwrap customers.

I look forward to substantial growth in the next several years. I enjoy working with all the customers and agents that are associated with DA Shrinkwrap Systems and I still enjoy doing shrink wrap myself.

We look forward to the opportunity of serving new as well as existing customers and we are always on the look out for new people wanting to move into the shrink wrap business, doing sales or shrinkwrap jobs. We run an honest company with integrity and professionalism and we pledge to always keep it that way. Service and customer satisfaction is our number one priority.